Sebring Test Update

I finally got to drive the historic Sebring International Raceway this weekend. My first impression? It was bumpy, really really bumpy.

Everyone had warned me about the bumps, so I was expecting them, however, I wasn't expecting the track to be as fun as it was. It's a lot more technical than Daytona which made it super fun to drive. 

I had a quick car all weekend, but it could be faster. My biggest challenge is muscle memory. Once I get the track down, the speed will follow. I think it won't be a problem by the time I get back there for the race. By then I will have had multiple practices sessions as well as my own training and studying of the track at home.

This test was similar to Daytona for me, where I really focused on the details and just getting comfortable. I am super eager to get back in the car for the second race of the season. I want to run the weeekend just like I did at Daytona, minus the stray piece of debris that took me out of the race. If I can do that and stay consistent, I really think I have got a shot at the podium. 

Wyatt Schwab